Dns reverse lookup not updating

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Dns reverse lookup not updating

If so, delegation will be propagated to the DNS by the RIPE NCC's name servers.

For IPv4, the mapping of the reverse address space can only happen on "byte" boundaries, i.e. This means that you should take the four octets – the decimal numbers between the dots - of an IP address range, put them in reverse order and then map them into the domain.

For example, the pointer domain name corresponding to the IPv6 address 2001:db8::5ab is b.a., which would result in this PTR record: Because the particular mapping delegation of reverse address space can only happen on byte boundaries for IPv4 and nibble boundaries for IPv6, you could be dealing with multiple zones for one address block.

In pointer records of the reverse database, this IP address is stored as the domain name The resulting PTR record would look like this: Reverse DNS for IPv6 uses the hexadecimal notation on "nibble" boundaries, i.e. This means you should take the IPv6 address, expand all the zeros, put each hexadecimal number in reverse order and map them into the ip6domain.

This means that, as an address holder, you will have to configure two things.

First, you have to configure your zone for reverse DNS.

Before you can submit the domain object to the RIPE Database, you will first have to configure reverse DNS for your zone on at least two name servers.

Upon submission, the RIPE Database will perform checks to see if your name servers are configured properly.

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