Does updating your blackberry erase contacts

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There are two main reasons for removing shutter sound control from camera app: As a reference, Google camera does not have shutter sound control.

You can lower the ringer volume before launching camera app.

And they even make it easier for Moto G, Moto E and new Moto X owners to move files and apps from internal storage to SD card.

You will get better micro SD card support in Android Marshmallow update for Moto G 2015: If you use SD card to expand storage, the SD card will be formatted and encrypted.

If you pull out the SD card from the phone, no other devices can read it because it is encrypted. If you want to use the SD card on other devices, you have to format it.

Also when you connect your Moto G to the PC, you will not see the SD card on the PC.

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You will only see internal storage which includes SD card.

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