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It has been heavily advertised, but there is lots of controversy over whether or not it is actually effective.

On average patients who start taking Tamiflu within 48 hours of getting sick will recover one day faster than patients who do not take anything.

Tamiflu has been approved for use in adults, infants as young as 2 weeks, children, and pregnant women.

Tamiflu does not work as well in patients that are over 65.

Over the counter (OTC) medications don’t cure the flu but they can help you feel better by treating symptoms such as aches, coughs, and sore throats. Antibiotics do NOT work against the flu because it is caused by a virus and not by bacteria.

As a patient, you should weigh the risks and benefits before deciding if Tamiflu is right for you.

Roche, the makers of Tamiflu, claim that Tamiflu also reduces the number of patients who have serious complications from the flu, such as pneumonia (by 44%) or hospitalization (by 63%).

However, the Tamiflu only worked in patients who had tested positive for the flu on a laboratory test, not patients with flu-like symptoms who subsequently were found to not have the flu.

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