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Dr robert lee carbon dating

Thomas More, probably at the same time as the other alterations..It described the discovery by Jack Leslau in 1976 of a concealed rebus in the Nostell painting, similar to others in the work of Hans Holbein the Younger.This is an overt rebus and I am today inviting YOU to solve it. On the other hand, the covert rebus is not at all obvious.Encryption adds the element of secrecy to the word transformations. Decryption strips away the secrecy leaving the linguistic equivalents, which make sense (they MUST make sense! Please dont worry if you do not immediately grasp the significance of the remarkable covert rebus. It took nearly five hundred years to work out that Holbein was risking his life to communicate personal and political history for posterity, for March 1983 (Lady Day), the Right Honourable, the Lord Hailsham of St.More than five hundred years after the disappearance of two English princes, thirteen-year-old Edward V and his younger brother, Richard, Duke of York, people still dispute and contradict what happened.Since the princes disappeared from the Tower of London in the reign of Richard III, one side say Richard had them killed, relying on a confession made some nineteen years later by a person promptly beheaded by order of Henry VII.An examination by microscope in January 1987 by the Courtauld Institute indicated that an original eighteenth century date had apparently been changed by additions of brown/grey and blue/black semi-transparent Further examination by the Hamilton Kerr Institute of Cambridge indicated that the Locky signature was a later addition and spurious.

Sir Roy has rejected the apparent date (Locky was probably born in the 1540s) and has assumed it to be variously 1592 or 1593.Lord Hailsham chose his words with care and precision worthy of the senior law officer.He spoke of his admiration of the painting and his belief it was by Holbein.Seen from a special point of view, the single glove held by Elizabeth Dauncey may read The cover-up referred to is the concealed existence of the younger son of Edward IV, Richard, Duke of York, as Dr. His alleged murder by Richard III, described by More thirty years after his disappearance, was a ask the reversed Ss on the chain (of the Duchy of Lancaster) that hangs from Mores neck.Clement stands, depicted at half his age, in the doorway ; he is dressed in the Italian style, having studied medicine at Siena and probably at Padua.

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Recent investigation revealed an anti-Catholic slogan on the painting, which appeared in the mid-18th century and was later over painted with a spurious date and signature, 1530' or '1532'.

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