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This should not really pose a problem for astronomers, since we are quite used to converting local time to UT and vice versa.Accurate local time is not necessary in the keypad as long as the keypad can correctly calculate UT, which it does with Star GPS.Finally, a word of caution if you are using planetarium software along with Star GPS and the GTO Keypad.DO NOT re-initialize the mount from any program on your PC, once you have initialized with the Star GPS / GTO Keypad combination.You may also wish to download a copy of the "Star GPS-NX Quick Start Instructions" which are in PDF format.General Information Star GPS-NX includes a high-performance GPS receiver and one adapter cable.

When you enter time into the GTO keypad, simply input the GMT as your local time, and keep the Daylight Savings setting at "0." Be sure that you put the correct UT date into the keypad as well!

You can still have locations entered into the keypad, for quick setup at home without using Star GPS, but your time zone for ALL of your entered locations in the keypad must be set to "00" since the entered local time is UT.

You will also need to remember that the keypad will now only show UT as the local time.

You should be aware that there are additional parts of the initialization sequence that Star GPS cannot perform.

Fortunately, the keypad supplies these parameters even in the External Startup Mode.

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These parameters include the tracking, guiding and slew rates; the backlash compensation settings for both RA and Dec; reticle brightness and focus speed; and the PEM state.

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