Eddie izzard dating victoria hamilton

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Eddie izzard dating victoria hamilton

The only other character in the play is Grace (Dana Ivey), Bri's domineering mother who blames Sheila's loose living before marriage for Joe Egg's condition.

Nichols has written the play around Bri, and it is his emotional undoing that rivets the audience and makes his decision to run away from Sheila and Joe Egg, taking only a single suitcase with him, completely sympathetic rather than the act of a cowardly, immature man.

'I am constantly trying to access my whole girl side, trying to define what my sexuality is all about. It is still a bit confusing.' Eddie recently spoke about his troubles coming out, telling The Hollywood Reporter: 'If you are coming out as transgender or gay or lesbian, it’s such a tough rite of passage and quest.

'It assaults your senses because, back in ‘85, everyone said, “No, no.

It is based on the eminent British playwright's own experience in bringing up a severely disabled daughter.

Izzard, a compact man with a thatch of blond hair, is known in Britain as "the bloke in a dress" but there is no cross-dressing in "Joe Egg." He plays the role of a mama's boy called Bri who never quite grows up but becomes a schoolteacher and husband who covers up a sense of guilt about Joe Egg with jokes, wisecracks, and vaudeville-style routines about visiting dozens of pediatricians.

Bri's habit of stepping down to the footlights and addressing the audience directly has much to do with building this empathetic response, an opportunity not given Sheila.

Bri misses the marriage they had before Joe was born; Sheila laughs at his whimsy, but privately wishes he would just grow up.Izzard and Hamilton are just as good as Dale and Channing when it comes to breaking an audience's heart.Anyone who has never seen Nichols' play will find the current production at the American Airline Theater a unique theatrical experience engaging a range of emotional responses rarely attempted by writers of black comedy.A Roundabout Theater Company has brought British comic Eddie Izzard and celebrated actress Victoria Hamilton to Broadway for the first time in a powerful London production of "A Day in the Death of Joe Egg," the disturbing Peter Nichols play that makes you laugh through your tears.The 1967 drama that drew memorable performances from Jim Dale and Stockard Channing in its first Tony Award-winning revival on Broadway in 1985 is as searing as ever as a portrait of two parents whose marriage is unraveling under the strain of caring for their profoundly spastic daughter (Madeleine Martin) whom they have lovingly nickname Joe Egg and treat as though she were normal.

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Bri and Sheila are agreed on caring for the child at home rather than putting her in an institution, as doctors and friends repeatedly suggest.

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