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Eminem dating 2016

As a youngster, Marshall harboured ambitions to become a comic book artist rather than a rapper, which explains various animated threads through-out his career, including the Dubya-baiting ‘Mosh’ video and The Slim Shady Show series.3.

The Slim Shady moniker may never have materialised if he’d pursued one of his pre-fame jobs as a cook at a family restaurant in Michigan.

Recently re-crowned King of Pop himself co-owns rights in Em’s back catalogue, despite publicly pillaring Mr.

Mathers for depicting him as a flammable plastic surgery-riddled sex offender in the ‘Just Lose It’ video.

As a cocksure soothsaying statement, “It feels so empty without me” has sure rung true during the past couple of years in hip-hop. As he returns to the public arena, Clash turns stalker to unearth twelve little known facts about the rapper. As a nine-year-old, was beaten so badly by a school bully that he spent over a week in a coma.

His music has since been credited with helping to bring more than one fan out of similar states, including a twelve-year-old girl who was hit by a car in Northumberland.2.

Adding to the list of musicians rumoured to have attracted attention from the US administration, unreleased Eminem song ‘We As Americans’ purportedly nudged the American secret service awake thanks to lyrics including “Fuck money / I don’t rap for dead presidents / I’d rather see the president dead”. Although Marshall Mathers’ iconic stage name is taken from his initials and not, sadly, moreish sugar-covered chocolate treats, one of the best Eminem-inspired works is an M&Ms portrait of the star by Florida artist Enrique Ramos.

Assembled from more than eight pounds of sweets, over one thousand M&Ms were used.

Now, she’s apparently fallen for Eminem — or, so her recent lyrics would have us to believe.

Yankovic had permission refused to film a video for ‘Lose yourself’ take-off ‘Couch Potato’.

Apparently, Mathers didn’t want to “detract from his image as a serious hip-hop artist”.10. If you look hard enough, various writing dexterity clues are buried within his music videos, as well as movie '8 Mile'.12.

As points out, several of Minaj’s recent lyrics have alluded to a relationship with Slim Shady.

“I’m still fly, just bagged a white guy,” she raps on “Barbie Tingz”.

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That’s nothing: his grandmother Betty Hixson comfortably eclipses those antics with five walks up the aisle. Despite a tearaway image and numerous brushes with the law, Mathers’ didn’t clock his first arrest until aged twenty, appre-hended for shooting at a cop car with a paintball gun.