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On the left hand side you will see Microsoft Excel Objects.

One thing that comes up from time to time on the Excel message boards is “How do I run Excel without opening it?

Besides that nearly all those VBA codes have a number of specificities and limitations because of which they may not work correctly with certain workbooks or data types. Color Then cnt Res = cnt Res 1 sum Res = Worksheet Function.

All in all, you can try your luck and google for an ideal solution and if you happen to find one, please do come back and post your finding here! Color For ind Cur Cell = 1 To (cnt Cells - 1) If ind Ref Color = Selection(ind Cur Cell). Sum(Selection(ind Cur Cell), sum Res) End If Next Msg Box "Count=" & cnt Res & vb Cr Lf & "Sum= " & sum Res & vb Cr Lf & vb Cr Lf & _ "Color=" & Left("000000", 6 - Len(Hex(ind Ref Color))) & _ Hex(ind Ref Color) & vb Cr Lf, , "Count & Sum by Conditional Format color" End Sub functions ready for use and try them on your data. When we published this article, we hoped it would be popular because we used to get a lot of questions about how to count and sum cells by color in Excel.

If you have applied conditional formatting to color cells based on their values and now you want to count cells by color or sum the values in colored cells, I have bad news - there is no universal user-defined function that would sum by color or count color cells and output the resulting numbers directly in the specified cells.

At least, I am not aware of any such function, alas : ( Of course, you can find tons of VBA code on the Internet that attempts to do this, but all those codes (at least the examples I've come across, do not process conditional formatting such as "".

Well, counting cells based on color and getting the sum of colored cells was pretty easy, wasn't it?

I’ve seen folks recommend “workbook.xls” and making sure that the macro you want to execute is called from the Workbook_Open() event. The Excel developer would have to use the state machine methodology I mentioned previously, which is just a pain in the %$$.I think the best way to run Excel without user interaction is using an Excel Controller.An Excel Controller is a script, DLL, or executable that uses Excel’s COM interface. Quit End If Set my Excel Worker = Nothing Set Wsh Shell = Nothing2) In the Excel Controller code replace 'Your Workbook' with the name of the workbook you want to open and replace 'Your Macro' with the name of the macro you want to run. So let’s say you named the script Run Excel.vbs, then you would execute it using ‘Run Excel.vbs’.If your cells' values are numbers, you may also want to automatically calculate the sum of cells shaded with the same color, e.g. As all of us know, Microsoft Excel provides a variety of formulas for different purposes, and it would be logical to assume that there are some to count cells by color.But regrettably, there is no formula that would let us sum by color or count by color in a usual Excel worksheet.

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