Flight dating service online

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Flight dating service online

The National Transportation Safety Board has said it believes one of the blades snapped on the Southwest flight, hurling debris that broke a window.

The Cleveland landing also came a day after the crew of Southwest Flight 1380 was honored at the White House for its handling of the emergency.

The airline operated for nearly four months, carrying a total of 1,205 passengers. Dallas-based Southwest said the plane — en route from Chicago’s Midway Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport — diverted to Cleveland for “a maintenance review” after the outer pane of a multi-layer window cracked.Photos posted on social media showed a large, jagged crack in a window over a wing. Southwest said the plane did not lose pressure, as happened in Flight 1380, and the diversion to Cleveland was classified as an “unscheduled stop” and not an emergency landing.Passenger interest declined rapidly when the winter residents began heading back north. On April 27, Tony and Roger Jannus flew their last flight before leaving Florida, putting on an air show over Tampa Bay.

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