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Food lifo dating requirements

- You will be given some assumptions, either on a separate page, or in an Excel file saved on the laptop.Except for the assumptions and maybe some basic headings, the file will be totally blank.A modelling test is similar to a case study; you are given assumptions, sometimes a brief description of the business, and then asked to perform some analysis.

Investment bankers usually start quite late (because they finish late), at around 9.30am or even 10am.And with M&A work, everything is always urgent - deals must happen fast otherwise they may be leaked to the press or the parties may loose their time advantage.Because bankers are expensive, you simply cannot have an army of bankers on standby "in case" to meet peak time requests.But it's also a culture thing - people in the US work much more than in Europe, so banks with a strong US culture will make you work much more.- The team: teams within the same bank can have very different cultures.

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One of the key question students and future bankers ask themselves is "how bad are the hours in investment banking"?

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