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Yes, it is true Texans are not known as humble people.

Yes, our politicians are not well liked outside of the state (Ted Cruz is regarded as the most hated member of the Senate among his peers).

We can be proud that Houstonians have come together to help each other during this catastrophe.

Ever since I have lived in Houston, I have not encountered an incident where I have been treated in an overtly hostile manner because of my race. We have not had the social unrest experienced by many other cities.

There is always a bit of truth in what others say about us.

Along with all the other delicious dishes we had for lunch, there was this particular dish which I liked the best even though I did not and could not figure out what I was eating, other than it had cubes of potatoes in it. Later I had found out that the main ingredient which felt like a kind of lentil to me, was actually green fenugreek(methi) seeds cooked like a vegetable!!

I cook green fenugreek (methi) leaves, use the seeds and Kasuri Methi as spice/seasoning.

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