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But if he had chosen to forgo interacting with her simply because she preferred little dogs, he would have missed out in a major way.So whether its someone's hairstyle or their taste in music, try not to immediately assume you won't hit it off.5. Although Oyer was open-minded enough about small-dog owners to get over his assumptions, there were certain deal-breakers he knew he wasn't willing to budge on for a relationship, like his dog and his teenage children.Be wary of people who have been on a dating site for a long time."If someone's on a dating site for a long time, that's a problem," Oyer says.

Available in bitesize text and audio, the app makes it easier than ever to find time to read."By the same token, if a person's been on a dating site for a long time, or has never had a serious relationship, there's some hidden information that you want to be wary of," Oyer says.3.Approach online dating like you would approach the job market.The first is that people lie about themselves all the time — an infamous Ok Cupid blog post outlines the big ways people fudge their personal details, including how guys often say they're two inches taller than they are in real life.The second, related problem is that people tend to make negative assumptions if you don't explicitly offer up a certain piece of information about yourself in your profile, like your body type, or your income."If you have a positive attribute, you have every incentive to say that and to be forthcoming about it," Oyer says.

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Offer up more information, unless you want people to assume the worst.