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Banks keep increasingly flexible hours to suit computer convenience.

All banks are open from 09000 hrs to 1300 hrs Monday to Friday.

A fully fledged tourist police force has been established at Sri Lanka tourism premises.

Its functions are re-establishing a network of Tourist police stations in key tourist areas for visitors, both local and foreign to enjoy a hassle free holiday.

The taking of rubbings of sculpture at protected monuments is generally discouraged. Obtain permission from the Archaeological office in Colombo or at the site Alcoholic drinks are freely available at public bars, restaurants, wine shops, stores & super markets.

However sale of liquor is prohibited on Poya Days (Full Moon Days)hotel bars and restaurants also observe this rule. In addition to Saturdays and full moon (poya) day of each month is a public holiday.

Visitors are required re-export articles brought in as personal effects.

Hotels and guest house which harbour such persons are also liable to prosecution.

Radio In addition to the state run Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), several new private radio stations are on the air on FM bands.

Over 15 radio channels in Sinhala, English and Tamil.

16/5, Elliot place, Borella Tel: 40 TNT International Express – 315, Vauxhall St, Colombo 02.

44 DHL – 130, Glennie St, Colombo 02 Tel 04 Domestic Express – 35/8, Polhingoda Ed, Colombo Tel: 7, 94 4619 918 Colombo and most provincial towns are linked by direct dial telephone service.

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Tel ( 94) 112 439 541 Open from 0900 to 1600 hrs, on weekdays for encashment and issue of Travellers cheques.