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As they skeptically break into the online dating game, the French try to transmit an element of effortlessness through their profiles, approaching them more as into their real lives than professionally retouched modeling portfolios.

Lauriane Gepner, founder of the app Dojo, says that she consciously skips the “best day in years” one-off shots in favor of more accurate photos that leave no room for unrealistic expectations.

Although she personally views dating apps as “the supermarket of love” where romance goes to die, she admits that the landscape is slowly changing, with more people coming to embrace the technological intrusion into the once-organic process.

“It is just a modern way of meeting and loving each other, I suppose,” she muses.

She advises to be cautious about how much you expose online, steering clear of cleavage shots and the ubiquitous belfies—unless this is something that comes naturally.

Lasry says he tends to be weary of the “pretty girls from L.

A.” who may look excellent in cutoffs but often have little to add to the equation. Anderson clutch does send his inner aesthete into overdrive, his main criteria is confidence, which is always evident through photos.

Instead, he finds himself attracted to women with strong style, allowing their choices in clothing and particularly their accessories to offer up clues about the wearer. “You can see it in the posture, in the eyes,” he says, adding, “I don’t want somebody who doesn’t know who she is or what she wants.”The latter can be learned via conversation, a key element for any cerebral Parisian.

Over the past year, online dating fatigue has become a justifiable phenomenon that is forcing more single people to adopt a blasé approach or even abandon it altogether.Lola Rykiel, founder of PR and consulting agency Le Chocolat Noir, advises going for a natural photo of yourself laughing or smiling, which is guaranteed to win out over a “duck face with an Instagram filter” any day.She suggests including one full-length photo, one close-up shot, and one picture that shows your personality, be it having fun with friends or doing what you love, resulting in an accurate representation of who you are and what you stand for.Since we clearly need all the help we can get, I resolve to investigate.The first thing I learn is that it’s about as difficult to get a French person to admit to online dating as it is to get her to admit to knowing the names of the Kardashians.

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“Everyone has pictures with books and a perfectly lit dim background, or pictures of themselves hidden in shadows—you can barely see them, but they look oh-so-cool!

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