Friends reunited dating

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Friends reunited dating

You might well wish to get in early with this hip revival of an old classic.

At its peak there were over 15 million members of Friends Reunited and ITV bought the company in 2005 for £175 million. Four years later they sold the company on for only a little over 25 million and by this point the service was in fast decline as more snazzy competitors gulped up its market share; not least amongst them the social networking giant Facebook.

Most recently the brand name has seen a revival at the hands of dating experts

Cupid has taken the still recognisable name and set up a new website called Friends Reunited Dating.

If you sense discomfort or other negative feelings, remember that your friend may have a wife, husband, family, or significant other who won't take too kindly to someone from the past invading his or her present.

However, you may find that your initial contact will eventually lead your relationship to something much deeper!

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There has been little development or design reworking past the front page and the bulk of the site still looks like an early naughties project in stasis.

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