Friends reunited dating dating

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Friends reunited dating dating

In point of fact, there is still information on the site about some of your old school or college friends.If you complete the very simple registration process, and your over 35, you will probably find the odd name you recognise from your school days with a tiny bit information about what happened to them.At its peak there were over 15 million members of Friends Reunited and ITV bought the company in 2005 for £175 million. Four years later they sold the company on for only a little over 25 million and by this point the service was in fast decline as more snazzy competitors gulped up its market share; not least amongst them the social networking giant Facebook.Most recently the brand name has seen a revival at the hands of dating experts When I met Andrew for our first date, in October 2003, it just felt right and 18 months later, we married.” I’m not all that keen on trying to sell myself, but here goes…. But do know there is a time and place for everything.I think friendships are extremely important, so an evening with friends is probably where you will find me! Love to cook and try out new recipes in the kitchen.

I can be sarcastic, but like to refer to it as quick witted.

Friends Reunited Dating has recognised this fact and set up what we think is really quite a nice new dating service.

Meanwhile, Friends Reunited remains live, but only just.

Of course, to be understood and truly loved would be fantastic too!!

I am a friendly, easy going person with a 4 year degree looking for someone similar.

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However, mostly this information is also out of date, so all you will get is a good idea of what had happened to your friends five or six years ago.

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