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Fuck chat zone

A peaceful, friendly smile was on his face; as if he'd been for a nice stroll around the park and hadn't noticed his old pal, the camera, sitting there and decided to stop by.Everything about him exuded serene confidence, and the music changed to stock tranquil commercial music.

"New laws on marriage and divorce are being written practically every day.Haley Smoot is here, from the newly-formed Department of Women's Security, to talk about what the government is doing to take care of Goodallazine victims. Jennifer Park, a Sociologist with Georgetown University will discuss changes in our society in the last year, and what they mean for the future. " The opening graphic to the show displayed each word of the title being shot around the bullseye of a target until the line above it said "Live," and the line below said "Fire." They merged into the Live Fire logo over the bullseye.And next to her is Kenzie Starnes, representing the Coalition for Women's Rights Now; credited with creating the #While We Still Can hashtag. * * * Two work vans, advertising janitorial services, pulled up to the Service Entrance of the television studios where Live Fire was being aired, and other shows with studio audiences were being taped at the same time.A graphic of the word "DIVORCE," in lettering to make it look like a red rubber-stamp slammed across the screen diagonally with a loud thud. " The image changed to a serene duck pond with a park bench in front of it.A man in an expensive suit leaned against the back of the bench, looking into the camera.

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