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Gay dating garrison tx

We will need to start making decisions about finishes in the coming weeks. We are not far from the Kelowna airport, and can periodically hear planes overhead as they prepare to land. We met Sharon today when she brought over a cable box for us. to fuel up the diesel and propane and wash the RV and car. We carved out some big ruts in their new parking pads…. Despite it’s size, it seems smaller than one would expect.

With the windows closed and furnace/heat pumps on, we haven’t really noticed them. (Need to look nice crossing the border I guess) and then on to Kelowna and our campsite for the next 6 months. We checked into our campsite on the edge of Kelowna. They have an interpretive centre/museum, amphitheater, and gift shop at the base of the mountain.

The real panic is about the new taxes we will have to pay, thanks to #45’s (Trump) new tax plan. We had dinner with friends Clara and George last week. Second interaction with the fire department in a week. Kids and adults alike are racing against each other. We took a trip to the local police station to report Sheila’s most recent fender bender, visited Hole’s greenhouse to buy and then plant pots for the patio, visited John Bloxham’s gravesite, and Saturday morning, we sat around in our PJ’s having breakfast and watching the royal wedding. ) On Sunday night, I cooked 2 pounds of bacon (in the oven) for Sheila’s freezer. I persevered to the very end, shut down the oven and we went to bed. Once we were more alert, we realized it was the alarm for the entire building. Meg discovered the ride-a-mower a couple of days ago and I am now relegated to the push-a-mower…!

Evenings, we have settled in to binge-watching the series “Billions”. Not only does our campsite have the most privacy, but we are next to the WIFI box, and our signal is quite good. 0We are now proud groundskeepers for our campground. Jean is now besties with the campground owner/operators, Rob and Rick. While I was busy, Jean went to Imperial Oil with Chris and checked in with his former colleagues.

We spent much of Monday mowing and edging grass that had taken over some areas. It hadn’t been maintained and needed a new air filter. Rob took him to a local “show and shine” car meeting Wed. Our god-daughter Kelsey had baby boy, Layne , April 23, the same day the Royals, Kate and William had their third baby. (Layne that is) 1We are settling into our camp ground. He has been offered the riding mower to use on the rest of the property along with an edger. 0We finished up our week staying at Chris and Jim’s home in Calgary. We continued to eat to much great food and exercise to little.

Can’t wait until the apricots, apples, peaches, strawberries and blueberries ripen. We spent Thursday afternoon with a door and window vendor traveling to construction sites to get the chance to look at windows and doors. Luckily none of them required us to be up early the next day, because we weren’t. 0Monday night we met up with former colleagues/friends from Prospect Human Services. We went over to watch the final game and have a quick visit with he and Sharon before they headed back to Edmonton. 0Jean and I spent part of the week without a car, as we took it in to the dealership to check out the strange noise we noticed on the drive to Alberta.

He had quite a strong accent (he is from Holland), so I missed some of what he was “selling”. We have been to visit our building site a couple of times. We decided leaving a blanket on wile the nights are still a bit cool might be a good thing. We left Calgary late in the day, Monday, despite our plans to leave early. We had dinners with friends, got in a few walks to balance off he great food and check out exterior house colors for our new home.

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The basement floor slab is in and the carpenters are framing the basement before they put the main floor joists on. We have tracked down another consultant and have high hopes the returns will be completed by the end of June. Besides catching up with one another’s lives, laughing lots and having some good cries with one another, we watched a couple of movies, took some great walks, and did a bit of shopping, cooking, and entertaining. I was terrified I had left the oven on, left bacon cooking…. 1Summer is definitely here in Kelowna, with temperatures hovering in low 30s during the day and mid-teen at nigh (all Celsius of course! Meg has left for Edmonton this morning to be with her friends Sheila and Maryanne. Still much to do around the campground as the grass just keeps on growing and needs to be cut.