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https://nz/#..Bc Fl-nfo Pf A2g I like many of you were quite dissappointed when Gearbox decided to remove the console, so i've been working on a patch that would restore it to the first version.

Allows you to use the console, which is a powerful semi-documented tool and allows you to remove things like DOF or increase FOV.

Borderlands PC 1.4.2 BTest Update Patch Notes (Steam Only) Implemented new opt-in stat-tracking service, BTest, for Steam players.

- For more information on BTest, visit new EULA and opt-in / opt-out menu choices for BTest functionality.

Imagine the legal precendence if companies could say old versions of software are illegal, it would be laughed out of court.

Like saying that you have to update your iphone every year or its against the TOS.

We had a designated forum section for potential modding.

Advanced remote support tools are used to fix issues on any of your devices.

(just don't play it with multiplayer) I wouldn't be distributing the exe, but a patch that is useless if you don't already have one (hopefully by buying the game) for the executable file and others.

This type of data patching, is how I and others like me have for years got around the legal hurdles thrown at us by companies like Nintendo/Sega on the ROM hacking scene.

The forum did have information about altering the game settings and so on. It is not that people forgot about it, but no one will re-post that what was deleted. I finished a patch it is rather small, but I won't be releasing it as it is against the rules, oh well. I'm not very good with art so I doubt i'd be much help. And as for DNF, as if anyone ever follows those rules Discouraging this was not my plan - I expected a counter argument, it's the duke way, sort of speak.

As Micky C wrote, if you love Duke Nukem, give EDuke32 a chance. Here is another project DNF related that came back to live and another one

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The only problem I found in a legal sense is my patch is based on a hacked version (2 files), which does violate TOS of both steam and gearbox and 2k etc...

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