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"It was disgusting how the king made these huge promises to these naïve suburban girls in order to have sex with them,'" he said.

K., Sweden and beyond who would gladly do away with monarchies tomorrow.)But Stockholm wasn't built in a day.Queen Silvia had a slightly better annus, though it didn't start off so great: A documentary that aired in November 2010 on Sweden's TV4 alleged that her father, Walter Sommerlath, became a member of the Nazi Party in the 1930s when the family lived in Brazil and made his fortune upon their return to Germany during World War II, manufacturing armaments at a factory that he had procured dirt cheap from a Jewish owner who was desperate to flee the country.A previous documentary had included the Queen's explanation that her father only joined the Party to keep his family out of trouble and that he wasn't involved "politically." Moreover, the factory produced toys and hair dryers and gas masks, not weapons, she said.Queen Silvia was the first Swedish queen to have had a professional career before becoming a royal.But even settling down didn't fully win the people over.

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It was said that it wasn't until a number of Swedes died in the December 2004 tsunami in Thailand that the king stepped up as a truly unifying figure, opening up about the death of his own father in a well-received speech to the people."I wish that I had a good answer," Carl XVI said.