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The best thing I have done for myself it to get educated as much as possible about HIV. ...feelings of hopelessness when first finding out they are HIV positive. The Web sites -- such as Positive Personals , for HIV-positive individuals, and After H , for people with HPV or herpes...

And it is rather typical to feel uninterested in sex or relationships at first, and to also fear getting involved in a relationship.

Guest posts In this corner HIV-positive people tell their story about their life with the virus.

The storys are touching and in the same time they bring hope.

I am a big flirt and sometimes it's very difficult for me toactually meet... Generally speaking, I recommend disclosing sooner rather than later. The CDC's National AIDS Hotline can answer questions about HIV testing and refer you to testing sites in your area.

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This is their storys and we publish them as colourful as we got them.

Philip from South Africa lives with the virus since 2010: "I am not HIV POSITIVE but I LIFE POSITIVE" HIV research It feels like a revolution of sex life for Hiv-positive people: There is a pill that a HIV-negative person can take and the pill can prevent HIV-infection near to 100 per cent. Hendrik Streeck is a german researcher - for Positive Dates he writes about the pros and cons of this pill which is called pre-exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP).

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