How to market a dating website

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How to market a dating website

If for example you’re into golf, or romantic comedy movies, you’re most likely happy to give this up as you will get something in return: a better matched date.If you visit a shop a few times, you might not necessarily want to receive regular targeted marketing.But the relationship with a dating site is totally different.Ultimately the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.Sometimes the dating sector is painted with the same brush as the more risque adult entertainment industry, however, this has in some ways actually made it more interesting for traditional marketers to examine.Alienation over the years has meant specialist agencies, platforms and even bidding systems have developed separately to other sectors.Tinder founder and CEO Sean Rad himself commented that he sees the future of Tinder in advertising.

It has more than 50 million users, and claims to have made more than 50 billion matches.Despite your views on the morality or professionalism of the industry (views that I will happily counter), the size and potential of the sector cannot be denied or ignored.Finding love and intimacy is one of the most basic human desires.Dating applications have become a key part of the technology ecosystem.Online dating was previously restricted to a core set of internet users, developed and incubated at a similar pace to social media, however, it is quickly presenting a unique opportunity for marketers.

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Whenever I attend mainstream marketing events, the customer journey is touted as gospel that we all must understand and map.

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