Imvu previewer not updating template

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Imvu previewer not updating template

For example, the printer input space or print data may include printer specific input format (e.g., one or more of an image format, graphics format, text format, audio format, video format, file format, and data format), encoding, language (e.g., page description language, markup language etc), instructions, protocols or data that can be understood or used by a particular printer make and model.Output data may be proprietary or published or a combination of the two.In still another example, a user with a mobile device may want to simply walk up to a printer and conveniently print a file that is stored on the mobile device or that is stored on a network (e.g., Internet, corporate network) and accessible from the mobile device, such as a Power Point® display application document, word processing document, or a document in any other file format such as PDF, HTML, JPEG etc.In addition, a user should also be able to print a web page or a book or a report published on the Internet.A mobile information apparatus comprising of an information Pad with a touch sensitive screen includes a digital camera, and one or more wireless communication units compatible with Bluetooth® and IEEE 802.11.The information apparatus is configured for subscribing to a wireless data network for accessing the Internet and is enabled for the user to install additional software applications.An output device's input space or output data is therefore, in general, device dependent.Different output device models may have their own input spaces specified, designed or adopted by the output device manufacturer (e.g., the printer manufacturer) according to a specification for optimal operation.

As a result, there is a need to allow users to easily output content and information from their pervasive computing devices to any output device.Consequently, different output devices usually require use of specific output device drivers (e.g., printer drivers) for accurate output (e.g., printing).For example, a printer driver may control, manage, communicate, and output print data to a printer.Finally, a user may want to output a complete web page or any document or file to a larger display screen nearby, even though the small screen of his/her mobile device cannot completely display or open a document of such a size.Conventionally, an output device (e.g., a printer) is connected to an information apparatus via a wired connection such as a cable line.

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