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The sage cautions of the Directors are salutary to day, since the over-pressure of work cuts off the higher officials from literature.

“ The whole civil and military government of India is in your hands, and for what is good or evil in the administration of it, the honour 1 6 Imperial Parliament Supreme in India.A final settlement seems desirable of the questions about employing the Indian regiments in Europe and Africa, and about charging the pay of forces so employed to the revenues of India.* It may even be mooted that the expenses of frontier wars, under waken to counteract Russian or French iniluence, should be divided between the Indian and Imperial Exchequers.Strong objection will be urged by those who value the Act of Settlement to letting the tenure of Indian Judgesl ' s dej^end any longer on the mere pleasure of the Crown, especially since Lord Lytton was supported in the Fuller case, in the view that the Govern- ment has a right to influence or censure Judges, whom they can sr) easily get rid of. Ilbert does not mention that case, nor the debates in Hansard on a later pretension of a local Governor to retain in judicial office a host of corrupt men. Surely when they have used no improper means to obtain their i)laces, the Judges ought to keep them during good-behaviour.I am im- pressed by th(‘ remarks of Sir James Mackintosh in i Sio on Napoleon’s nvw criminal code..State crimes filled about fonr-tentlis of the whole, and y(;l vague genc^ralities were addl'd, to catch the most innocent actions, espi'cially in describing [lolitical libcil.

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The surprise, which the despotic clauses cause in the modern mind, partly arises from the little sjace given to what has always counterbalanced them.

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