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Interracial dating sites namibia

Those who promote Ross’s material as sound science should thus think again.

It is doubtful that secular people will be impressed by Ross’s claim that the order of Genesis matches ‘science’.

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This means that he must try to fit billions of years into Scripture, with corollaries of a local flood and pre-Adamite soulless man-like creatures, and death of animals before sin.

The only real difference between the two positions is that PCs deny transformism, the changing of one kind into another.

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Such creatures are alleged to have appeared millions of years before whales, which Ross identifies as created on the millions-of-years-long ‘Day 5’.

And mesonychids, the alleged predecessors of whales, were certainly ‘long-legged mammalian quadrupeds’, so would fit even Ross’s descriptions of Day 6 creatures.

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To avoid the plain teaching of Genesis—that land dinosaurs were created with man and after whales—Ross also claims (pp. The former group encompasses those that easily can be tamed or domesticated for agricultural purposes, and the latter, those that are difficult to tame but have the potential to become excellent pets.

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