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Through most of my twenties I actually thought they looked ridiculous on my five and a half foot frame.

I was raised conservatively, as my mother frowned heavily on promiscuity.

My husbands reactions to his bosses advances were even stranger when I considered how jealous and protective Jim was with seemingly every other man who made a pass at me. " or "He had his hand on my waist during introductions. " Sometimes Jim would be embarrassed, but mostly he was steadfast.He was readily attractive, although not necessarily in an obvious, male-model type way.It was more so in the commanding way that he carried himself.--------- "I guess he does look a bit like him." I heard my husband say. Make sure he doesn't try to slap your butt." Jim smiled, in juvenile fashion. --------- It was last month, at the company Christmas party. "This is honestly ridiculous Jim." I voiced my distaste as we arrived at the valet, the snow was coming down around us as we headed into the lobby. Let me take your coat." "Thank you." I replied, both annoyed by, and glad to receive his compliment. I slowly moved into the large open space that took up the majority of his loft style penthouse. "My, aren't you absolutely stunning." The woman offered. Thomas gently let go of his hold on me, and I moved to shake her hand. The catered meal was delicious, and as with any gathering at Mr.It was customary for company parties to feature copious amount of liquor, but the holiday events were especially loose. The valet even looked surprised to see a visiting arrival, and made sure to note that services would be shutting down early tonight. His apartment was always impressive, large vaulted ceilings with an incredible view of the city below. "Thank you." I paused, noticing her gorgeous red dress, continuing, "You are as well." I replied, smiling. Thomas's place, the alcohol flowed in over-abundance.

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I am a God-fearing woman with a positive outlook on life. I love spending time with my family, meeting new people.

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