Intimidating and disruptive behaviors

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Distribute the policy to all staff members and require that they sign it to ensure that they understand the rules and consequences of such actions. Identify who the disruptive employees are among your staff.

Problem employees are typically those who demonstrate a habitual pattern of disruptive behavior that interferes with daily productivity.

Disruptive employees can cause major distractions for coworkers that slow productivity and ultimately decrease profit. Create a company policy regarding workplace behavior before an incident occurs.

Clearly outline what types of disruptive behaviors will not be tolerated in the workplace.

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Chain of command in healthcare refers to an authoritative structure established to resolve administrative, clinical, or other patient safety issues by allowing healthcare clinicians to present an issue of concern through the lines of authority until a resolution is reached.

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There were 177 events reported to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority from May 2007 to October 2009 that detailed healthcare clinicians’ disruptive behaviors, many of which negatively affected patient care.