Is dating haram in islam yahoo answers

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I would like to state prior to attempting to answer this question, that I am not a religious scholar and I am just stating a personal opinion based on what I understand to be forbidden (haraam).For the best form of guidance, do turn to the scholars for an even more accurate and better form of understanding.This word is used once in the New Testament (1 Corinthians ).This greeting is a compound word— two words fused into a single word— of Aramaic origin.Revelation : EXPLANATION: English translations of the original Bible text can become barriers to understanding the meaning of the Bible.

Moreover it lives on dirt and filth, and it is something that is off-putting to those of a sound nature who refuse to touch it, because eating it is either a cause or a sign of a person’s oddness.‎ Pork is regarded as one of the kinds of meat that contain the most cholesterol, an increase of which in the bloodstream leads to an increased likelihood of blocked arteries.

With that said, I will separate my answer into 2 parts:i) Is it Haraam for Muslims to have gay friends?

I would opine from what I've gathered, that it would be alright to have gay friends - just as how it is okay to have friends from all denominations of faith and all walks of life.

At that moment, your opportunity to serve God will end. The sword of the end of the Age of Grace, Tribulation, and Judgment are coming upon your family, community, and nation.

Your record for your Bema Judgment will be eternally sealed. Warn people of the impending end of the age, so that their blood will not be on your hands. Jesus will return on a day and hour unknown to you.

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Even the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during his time as leader in Mecca did not discriminate against the multitudes and types people under his care and did not act in a different manner in the presence of non-Muslims.