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Joe brooks dating game tab

Small towns such as Alba, MO sent a half dozen players to the KOM league and not all of them were named Boyer.

And, as I've stated numerous times neither Cloyd Boyer nor his little brother, Cletis, were born in Alba.

Russ was the third baseman on the same team as the four fellows shown in the photo above.

(That is the Flickr site photo) Russ was born Russell Charles Oxford on October 20, 1931 in Sioux City, Iowa and I learned through some searching of obituaries recently that he passed away April 24, 2013 in Redmond, Washington.

That former KOM league shortstop didn't wear #7 until he made it to the major leagues and it was later retired when the fellow retired from the New York Yankees.August 22, 2013 Yesterday I was going through a list of former KOM leaguers with whom contact had been established over the years.For a number of years communication with Russ and Dody Oxford was conducted by e-mail..In a quick perusal of the database of KOM rosters there were 19 players each from Springfield, MO and Topeka, Kansas.Most of the Topeka lads wound up in the league by virtue of being signed by the Topeka, Kansas Owls.

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It's too late for Cletis who was born at Cossville and every baseball publication on earth will show his birth place as Cassville.

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