Linqdatasource onupdating event

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Linqdatasource onupdating event

Then, in my gridview, I set the Data Key Names to the new Email Record ID column. I have a grid view in an update panel, similar to the ajax popup menu example in the ajax sample site. Name current Profile User Id = CType(User IDBy User Name(user Name String), Guid) End If If Not current Profile User Id = Guid. Result = Have To Offer By User ID(current Profile User Id) Else e. Updating Dim new Object As have To Offer Table = Direct Cast(e.There are a few issues I am having with it that I believe can be traced to my use of a LINQ data source rather than an object data source, like in the example. Cancel = True End If End Sub Protected Sub have To Offer Linq Data Source_Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. New Object, have To Offer Table) Dim skill IDInteger As Integer = new Object.skill ID Dim description String As String = new Object.description repo.update User Have To Offer(current Profile User Id, skill IDInteger, description String) End Sub set the gridview Edit Index to -1 and that'll take it out of edit mode.The issue is that the grid won't exit edit mode after the "Update" is clicked in the popup menu. Linq Data Source Select Event Args) Handles have To Offer Linq Data Source. Also, to have the update actually occur, I had to write the code in the LINQData Source_Updating event, though I was lead to believe the update would happen automatically.

Since i am also allowing sorting on the gridview, i also retrieving the raw Unit Price from the database because i cannot sort by custom column defined in my partial class. Here is how product datasource and partial product class looks like. Linq Data Source Update Event Args) Handles have To Offer Linq Data Source.In this tutorial I will be covering how to use Linq Data Source with Grid View control to retrieve all the products from North Wind database.What is neat about this implementation is linq datasource ensures that paging and sorting is done on the database side by sending entire query to the database. In setting up the product linqdatasource control, I specify my context name.I am also setting Auto Page and Auto Sort property to true which allows linq datasource control to grab the page number and column to be sorted on from the gridview control and generate appropriate linq query.

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Row Updating End Sub but I can't seem to expose any exception class from e. and I only have two properties in my codebehind How can I trap the exception? I think I have ran into that problem and I needed to make sure there was a unique column on the database table.