Managua nude

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Managua nude

Leon is located 50 miles northwest of Managua and only 11 miles from the Pacific Coast.

Hotel El Convento - A beautiful old colonial convent that was made into a hotel. Across the street is an art museum with an extensive collection of Latin American and European Art.

El Velero, El Tránsito and Puerto Sandino (good waves for surfing and a nice estuary) are located in Nagarote.

On the other hand, the municipality of Leon has the most famous ones: Poneloya and Las Peñitas.

Its thick-walled colonial architecture has yet to receive the makeover Granada is currently enjoying (there are still bullet holes left over from the 1970s), but this is actually the more authentically Spanish city, having been burned to the ground only a fraction of the times of its oft-sacked southern adversary.

Leon has a rich history and has served as the capital of Nicaragua many times.

This cathedral sits on the eastern side of the central park.

Leon currently has a population of around 400,000 making it the second largest city in Nicaragua.

Cerro Negro has dumped tons of ash on Leon in the past and it continues to be an active volcano.The center itself is an attractive destination due to its museums, art galleries, colorful colonial architecture, an imposing cathedral, and the facades of its churches.The city also has hotels, restaurants, local tour operators, bars and clubs.It is also worth to mention that the majority of Leon's municipalities are rural and tourism is yet to be developed.Leon is home to the largest cathedral in Central America built from 1706-1740.

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Also, there are many natural attractions as well as little known and remote rural areas.

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