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Am I entitled to overtime pay if I work more than eight hours in a day but less than 40 hours in a week?We could log quite a few overtime hours just talking about the ins and outs of the complex overtime regulations. The FLSA sets no limits on how many hours a day or week your employer can require you to work.The FLSA does not require extra pay for weekend or night work or double time pay. Coverage Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Fact Sheet General information about who is covered by the FLSA.Overtime Web Site The federal overtime provisions are contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act. According to Heather, “I still get the time-and-a-half pay for any time over 40 hours worked, but my supervisor has said that we MUST work no less than 50 hours per week until further notice.” Heather, I’m amazed you found the time to write to me!The quick answer is that it probably legal for your employer to require a 50-hour work week, provided that they pay you overtime, which apparently is happening in your case. The main law dealing with wage and hour limits is the federal Fair Labor Standards Act or FSLA, passed in 1938, but amended many times since.If your company uses the mail to send stuff, you’re probably engaged in interstate commerce.

As long as you work fewer than 40 hours in a week, you aren't entitled to overtime.Page 1 of 2Today’s topic: Can your boss make you work overtime?And now, your daily dose of legalese: This article does not create an attorney-client relationship with any reader.The Overtime site contains helpful guidance materials, fact sheets, and e-tools and presentations that address overtime pay requirements. Fact Sheets Consult these fact sheets for specific information about overtime pay for certain exempt employees and in your occupation.

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According to FLSA Fair Pay Overtime Rules certain employers must pay covered employees at least the federal minimum wage as well as time and a half for each hour of overtime.

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