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Marques houston dating history

Named for two French heroes of the resistance, Marshal Leclerc and Jean Moulin, this museum’s unusual location is significant.

With over 1,000 paintings, sculptures, tapestries, and , from the Ancient and Medieval periods, French and Italian Renaissance, and famous 19th century French artists there’s plenty to discover within the Petit Palais.

However, a trip to the City of Light doesn’t have to drain your bank account.

Some of the best things in Paris, as in life, don’t cost a thing.

Located in the Marais, a historically Jewish quarter, the Shoah Memorial opened in 2005.

Through photos, videos, and personal relics, the story of the persecuted Jews in France and Europe is told.

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There are some English explanations, but forking over the money for the guide will round out the experience, especially if you’re interested in WWII history like me.

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