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The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission is the governing organisation for all matter relating to child support (known until recently as the CSA).

The rules are set to change slightly but child support itself is around to stay and there will always be a need for an organisation to regulate and administer payment collections.

Please outline what you consider to be my net income, any exemptions or discounts I have been awarded, the number of days you consider me to have joint care of my children and any other children living with me included in the calculation.

Please provide the above information within 7 working days so that I can review your calculations to see why you consider that I owe [amount] in child maintenance.

The letters are self explanatory, just fill in your own details.In this letter you calculated my child maintenance at [amount].I dispute this amount and calculate that my child maintenance amount should be [amount].My calculation is based upon my net income at [amount] and paying for [number] children: [child A name and date of birth][child B name and date of birth]I am entitled to the following exemptions / discounts: Dear Sirs, RE: Case reference number [enter case number on top of letters]I am writing to enquire when my child maintenance payments will stop.I currently pay for [child A and date of birth]and[child B and date of birth].

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