Memories of dating

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I'm looking for my great maybe great great grandfather. Did he have a mum called Emma and sister called Isobel? The first proven fact I have of him is when he married a Persis EARLE on in Windsor Co., Vermont, USA.Course, it is possible that not all passenger records have been recorded.After speaking to these ladies, I must say that I believe this (she had special powers).Keep in mind that those who really experienced Mayhayley first hand are in their 80’s and 90’s now.I would like to prove or disprove that James' bapt. Bonita Hillmer Hi Don't know if this helps but there was an error in the register regarding the baptism of James 13 March 1792.

I want to be able to share these memories with my grandchildren some day. She told me of her mother bragging about “fooling Mayhayley.” It seems that when my Grandmama was young, she went to see Mayhayley to have her fortune told. Mayhayley told her she would have three children and that she would have a son followed by two daughters.She said she went into the woods everyday and sat on a stump and “prayed herself a baby sister.” Mayhayley got the number of children correct; she even got the names of the first two correct and was just a little off on the third.Mama says that Grandmama did that (changed the name) in spite of Mayhayley. ” She smiled, looked down and then looked away like a shy little girl. She went on to tell me that Mayhayley said she would get married and have four children and there would be two boys and two girls.I thought she might have burned them to invoke spirits or something. Mayhayley (picture) made a fortune by telling fortunes.They said she hid those quarters and dollars and dimes in the hen house, the pig pen and in the mattress. If you find the story about Mayhayley interesting, you might enjoy “Oracle of the Ages – Reflections on the Curious Life of Fortune Teller Mayhayley Lancaster.” It was written by Dot Moore about ten years ago.

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The ladies with whom I spoke were all in this age range.