Michael weatherly and sasha alexander dating

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Michael weatherly and sasha alexander dating

I didn't want to wake up and be in my forties and go, "Oh, my gosh! TV Guide Magazine: Let's travel even further back on your résumé — to a little place called .

You played James Van Der Beek's older love interest! Alexander: I was so fascinated by how these very young people — James and Josh [Jackson] and Katie [Holmes] and Michelle [Williams] — were dealing with being teenagers and going through all that. TV Guide Magazine: So how'd the role in , I wanted to be really diligent about picking characters I want to play every week and that show all sides of me.

Eight years later, I'd worked an all-nighter on and I was sitting in a restaurant eating breakfast with a hat on, and he walked up to my table and said, "Sasha, do you remember me? When we go out, we have Prosecco, chocolate and everything in between.

" TV Guide Magazine: What's it like having a bombshell for a mother-in-law? It's funny: I took her to the airport yesterday, and she was like, "What is this book everyone's talking about?

Look, I don't mean to bug you, but the cute little number that came in with me...

the two of us have kind of had this will-they-won't-they burgeoning office romance going; I'm really trying to impress her so could you help me out a little bit?

Abby (Pauley Perrette) and Tony have one of the best relationships on the show.

They’ve never been romantically involved, which makes the friendship that much richer.

TV Guide Magazine: The show hinges on the chemistry between you as best friends — a bond that was tested earlier this season. Alexander: There's a friction, a fieriness, that I think is good.

On Wednesday, Pauley Perrrette, right, said she will exit her role as Goth lab geek Abby Sciuto at the end of the current season, the show's 15th.

In a tweet, Perrette, 48, left, announced she came to the decision last year and reassured fans it's not because CBS or show producers are mad at her.

The actress and her husband, writer/director Edoardo Ponti, are expecting their second child, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“The whole family is incredibly excited” for the new addition, who will join big sister Lucia Sofia, 4.

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I feel like, this season, we've really hit an amazing stride together...there's a looseness, a real synergy.