Microsoft sharepoint workspace not updating datings in dating com au

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Microsoft sharepoint workspace not updating

We are also planning push more frequent updates with the Nu Get package in the future.

This way updated assemblies added to the Nu Get packages will be used by your applications regardless if you had also installed the redistributable package.We are happy to announce availability of new Share Point CSOM package version for the Office 365.This release is done now using a Nu Get package release.We have not yet updated our Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices samples, but the API usage is demonstrated with the samples which were originally developed for on-premises. Verify that the references of the project has been changed 6. Here’s just simple code snippet to get access to Office 365, which you could add to your console application to test that everything works accordingly.These will be updated with the latest cloud CSOM in upcoming days now that the updated CSOM assemblies are available for broader usage. Right click project properties and choose Manage Nu Get Packages… Search for “Share Point Online Client Side Object Model” or “Microsoft. You will obviously have to change the connectivity details accordingly to align with your own tenant.

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Let’s do this step by step, so that there’s no doubts. Start up Visual studio and Choose the project type you want to use. Here’s the full list of changes in different assemblies compared to the previously released CSOM version.

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