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He estimates that since 2008, volunteers from the interactive community have donated more than .5 million worth of professional services to 84 nonprofits.“The Nerdery,” said Malmberg, “continues to consider this just a good start.”In order to win this high-tech jackpot, nonprofits and nerds had to jump through a few hoops.Others asked board members to drop by for thank-you visits.One of the more outrageous thank-you’s was delivered by Eve Bassinger, who hauled out her full-body hot dog costume and convinced fellow Youth Performance Company board member Cheri Galbraith to don a "Miss Chievous" getup of leopard-print dress, blonde wig, sash and crown.

“Now that it’s over, I think I may lie down right here and fall asleep,” joked YPC’s managing director, Sherilyn Howes.

“Our key word this time was ‘easy,’” he said, “and I think we really pulled it off.

This organization serves young people, so a big thing they needed was the ability to keep their content super-fresh.

“I hit my wall about four a.m.,’ said Mark Hulburt, vice president of marketing at The Nerdery.

“But I took a half-hour nap in the ‘Quiet Room,’ had two coffees, and then I was good to go.”By Sunday morning, work was wrapping up, and the teams began their treks to the judging room for eight-minute presentations– one minute for every three hours of work. was Full Court Word Press, who’d been matched with Youth Performance Company (YPC), a Minneapolis-based youth theater company.

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Receiving a new site at no cost lets us puts funds toward our programming for children with disabilities.”None of the teams knew who their match would be until after they arrived on Saturday morning, hauling along carfuls of computers, monitors, sleeping bags, and pillows.

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