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Craigslist agrees, and while actually carrying a box up a flight of stairs, he asks Julia out for drinks later that evening. I mean who could say no when you’re doing someone the ultimate favor? With any luck, she hasn’t been shopping for wedding gowns, because even Brad Pitt and George Clooney combined would only score a 35 out of 72 on that list…” “Miss Advised” review: Advice?

No need to watch by David Wiegand for the San Francisco Chronicle (SFGate) “…(Julia) finds a guy on Craigslist (no, not in THAT part of Craigslist, she hastens to tell her roommate), goes to dinner with him, realizes immediately they have no chemistry, but keeps him dangling for a while until she can sweet-talk him into helping her lug moving boxes into her new digs. Of course, her own breakup rule for others is ‘always do it in a classy manner’…In this case, that would be not just texting him, I guess…” ‘Miss Advised,’ worthy of a second date by Gene Ely for Media Life Magazine “…Most viewers won’t have any chemistry with Bravo’s new reality series “Miss Advised” and probably won’t enter a long-term relationship with the show…. ” And so began Vixely’s fast friendship with Julia, the L.

Vixely “…I saw a stunning woman in a fitted blue dress and killer white heels eyeing me up and down.

To be single is better than to be in an affair with random people.

Miss Advised, a show following three “relationship experts” and their dating attempts will premiere on Bravo June 18.

The women talked to Wetpaint about the show and how it’s a bit different from Bravo’s previous attempts at the non-housewives niche.

No, but seriously, if this was my first experience with Julia Allison, my conclusion would have been that she is terrible….” “Miss Advised” Premiere: Julia Allison Gets Her Date To Help Her Move, Then Dumps Him by ?

Now hear this: I am more of a relationship expert than they are. ” (Jenn Edens) “There is NO way I can watch this show. ” (Kathy M) Forum at Television Without Pity “Bravo hits another home run, if you define “home run” by saying that it has once again put together a show featuring horrible, badly-mannered, desperate, idiotic women acting horribly, featuring bad manners, looking desperate and idiotic…. Nice job blatantly using a poor bastard after an awkward first date!

These are the kind of women who make me want to SCREAM.” (Southern Lady) “Ok, Julia is a *itch for having sweet innocent Justin move boxes for her and then not go out with him again. Her family should be mortified because they seemed nice in her intro….” (Sun Bun) UPDATE: Now with some woman who is all up in Julia’s twat.

“The perfect dress for a first date,” she said, “is one that says to a guy, ‘You can take me home to your mom and I might give you a blow job on the way there.”…” “Miss Advised” Premiere: Woman Dumps Guy As He Drives Away by Lauren Zima on TV Replay (donning a big chunky jumper): “How about this, Julia? ” Dating Advice From The Ladies of Miss Advised by ?

on KTLA 5 This is an interview with all three “ladies” so, no, there’s isn’t anything worth quoting, just bullshit “Miss Advised” and the Inherent Sexism of the Dating Show by Jen Doll in The Atlantic Wire “…with the Julia Allison plot, we get another girl expressing fears that she’s “too old” at the same time she offers up her 73-point list of demands (“reads The Atlantic, Fast Company, and Wired,” for instance) in her bid to find a husband, a shtick that is so anti-woman as to be laughable if it wasn’t so painful to watch.” Miss Advised Recap: Desperation Is as Desperation Does by Pillania for tvgasm “…I saved the best for last, people. If you thought Amy was cringeworthy…meet Julia…Of all the girls, Julia seems the most desperate/pathetic….(Justin) invites her out again later, but Julia says she can’t, solidifying herself as a sucky person, and certainly the suckiest one on this show…” Miss Advised is an Understatement by misslinda for “…Her date with Craigslist is not going well, so she swallows and asks him to come back the next day and help her move boxes. Julia Allison, the most awful woman on the planet…” Singles Match: Bravo to “Miss Advised” For Keeping It Real by Linda Stasi “…Julia, the dating/relationship writer who moves to LA from Chicago in the show, has a list of 72 traits she wants from any man she’d seriously consider.

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for The Huffington Post “…On the series premiere of “Miss Advised” (Mon., 10 p.m.