Ms money not updating prices

Posted by / 25-Apr-2020 00:13

Ms money not updating prices

I had to dig around to find a way to update currency rates.There is a small piece of unfinished business in my series for replacing Microsoft Money.If you run the script more than once when the market is open, only the first price update will get into Money; you will not get the closing price.

Just pick a stock and update its price in the following window.Please let me know in the comments if the Microsoft Office military discount worked for you, what your branch is, and what code worked or if you didn’t use a code.If you found this useful, please share it with your military friends and family on Facebook and save them 0 on Microsoft Office! To keep track of all of them in one place I use Personal Capital.I don’t use (1) but will miss (2) when the online updates of my current copy expires.Fortunately, I own just around 10 securities and updating security prices manually once every month or so would be tedious but not too onerous.

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Currency rates can also be manually updated in Microsoft Money.