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We are focusing on admin section first, so we will name the controller “Admin Controller”.After you click add, you will find that a new file named “Admin Controller” is created with following code in it: Admin section must be accessed after authentication and authorization. If you want to open the login form, when you type Root Url/Admin, you should put the form on index view of admin controller.Razor view engine parses all data on the page and generates a pure HTML page to show on the front-end.

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Here we add Account View Model to bind the data on Admin login view. The dashboard view is: There will be menus on the page to manage the content on the application. The code for it is: #region Add/Update Category public Action Result Add Category() public Action Result Update Category(int category Id) [Http Post] [Validate Anti Forgery Token] public Action Result Update Category(Category Detail cd) public int Delete Category(int item Id) public Json Result Check Category Exist(string Category Name) #endregion The page will be displayed as: After updating the name, once you submit the form, the value gets updated in database. Vojislav Kovacevic has explained clearly the process of integrating your shopping cart with Paypal using practical video lessons.

It will generate a class named “Account View Model” and following code in it. [Allow Anonymous] public Action Result Index(string return Url) [Allow Anonymous] [Http Post] [Validate Anti Forgery Token] [Validate Input(false)] public Action Result Index(Login View Model model, string return Url) #endregion In order to Create a database, open Microsoft SQL Server and put valid credentials for authentication. Net Entity Data Model” doesn’t appear here, add it as: Click new connection and Fill the database details and click “OK”. Listing Products: Create an action “Products” in admin Controller and add view of it. You can easily integrate your MVC Shopping Store Application with Paypal following a step by step approach. NET MVC Shopping Cart Tutorial Series, we have covered mostly the administration features.

Create database after right clicking on “Databases” node. It will create the entity along with the connection string to be put on Web. Controller and view can be added as described previously. Also, we have setup the project and all related details.

Enter database name “Online_Shopping” and click “OK” button, a new database will be created for you. Create a model “Product Detail” that will contain the product properties and validations. In coming sections we will cover features related to end user i.e.

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Vojislav Kovacevic has explained clearly the process of integrating your shopping cart with Paypal using practical video lessons.