My xbox 360 froze while updating

Posted by / 04-Dec-2019 12:52

My xbox 360 froze while updating

Does this mean it's finishing the update in the background? My brother had something similar to this happen to him a while back, and ultimately he ended up getting a new console because of the issue.He posted a lengthy "walkthrough" for people who had similar issues so they could skip all the hoops that he had to jump through, but it looks like MS has finally fixed the issue. His Xbox One wasn't working correctly so for some reason he decided to pull the power plug on it.Error 0x80072efd Windows Store Hangs Or Crashes in Windows 8.1/10 “Something went wrong” error for One Note app in Windows 10 “Something Went Wrong” while using Camera App in Windows 10 Re-register Store app in Windows 10 and fix multiple issues at once Windows Defender is turned off by Group Policy Cannot update virus and spyware definitions for Windows Defender Cannot start Windows Defender Inspection Service – error 577 Unable to start Windows Defender service – error 1053 Unable to start Windows Security Center Service Prevent Windows 10 from automatically downloading and installing Windows Updates Install specific Windows Updates using KB number in Windows 10 Windows Update Automated Troubleshooter / Reset Windows Update components manually Windows Update Encountered An Unknown Windows Could Not Search For New Updates Windows Update Ran Into A Problem Failure configuring Windows Updates. Do not turn off your computer Critical Error – Your Start Menu Isn’t Working. Fix multiple issues with Start Menu : re-register Start Menu in Windows 10 Prevent users from customizing Start Menu in Windows 10 Remove Modern apps from Start Menu and make it simplified Enable Start Menu in Windows 8.1 RT Enable Start Screen in Windows 10 Add custom background to Windows 8.1 Start Screen Prevent Users from uninstalling apps from Start Screen in Windows 8, 8.1 Your Device Is Offline.Please Sign In With The Last Password Used On This Device.I did not try disabling LPM (some sort of power saving mod) but I did change the SATA mode from AHCI to IDE. If I hit any performance problems I’ll try the LPM trick with the registry.Supposedly the SSD won’t work as well, but it fixed the stuttering and freezes, probably because it apparently disables power saving mode too, or so I’ve read. This lets the computing brain of the chip properly reset once power is restored.For example, you know when you unplug your Xbox One power brick from the wall, that light stays on? The capacitor still has electricity stored, and the LED light slowly drains it over time. The only difference was i turned the console off myself.

Haven't had the issue since.i found that if you want to play a game, like myself, i wanted to play halo 4 but having the same problems signing in before i could even get to the main screen.So I get home from work, looking to watch Netflix, turn on Xbox, has a system update so I update. I had a similar issue and was unable to load the home screen.I decide to watch TV in the meantime, check back every so often to see progress, check it, Xbox is frozen on the start up loading screen. It does its logo fly by, then a white screen with a loading circle then my background picture from the theme I have pops in, circle still going but 5 seconds later, it freezes. Unplugged my Xbox from the network and it booted normally.You Can’t Sign In To Your PC Right Now Prevent last user from automatically sign-in in Windows 8.1 Make Windows 8.1/10 automatically logon User Profile Service Failed The Logon.User Profile Cannot Be Loaded Switch to Microsoft account from local account and reverting back to local account Can’t switch to Microsoft account in Windows 8.1/10 Use Identity Verification App to protect your Microsoft account Enable or disable Guest account in Windows Download and use Microsoft Account Troubleshooter Your Account Has Been Disabled.

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