Online dating in guwahati

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Online dating in guwahati

The US State Department asked the request be routed through the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).After the UNHCR took on this task, the US approved the deployment of four C-130s for 30 days from 12 June till 14 July, 1971.

The sorties were daunting – eight to ten hours a day with no night halt possible at Agartala because of security reasons and shelling from across the border – the barbed wire fencing between India and East Pakistan ran 15 feet from the dumbbell of one of the runways.These planes had been sent for a refugee evacuation effort.The refugee camps were deluged by a massive exodus across the border into Bengal, Tripura, Meghalaya and Assam.The air fleet that descended on Guwahati consisted of four C 130s – to behold them was a matter of much joy.The fact of the matter is that the Americans had come to help, and this aspect of history is still relatively unknown.

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Brought up on a diet of Russian cargo planes like AN-12s, IL -14s, TU -124s at the air force bases where my late air force pilot father was posted, the sight of this American plane was a spectacular experience for me.