Onrowupdating not working jacksonville nc dating

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Onrowupdating not working

Actually I made a data acces layer class, buiness logic layer class & presentation layer(page). In most of the books generally direct update query is written on aspx page under sql data source using update commnad property & do updation in grid view. Now i do not want to use update command or connection string in sql data source.This thing I have done in data acces layer class where I make a method of an update.I really wish I had the option to call someone at Microsoft and ask what the heck is going on here.

I apologize if I sound negative, but I have spent a week researching and posting, digging through code and trying to find any information about difference between , Net2 and . @The Learned One: I really do appreciate the input. I'm not at all familier with LINQ-to-SQL, Entity Framework or NHibernate.If I want to access the method in which we define update query, how can I access that method on aspx page & update the data in a grid view without direct use of an query on aspx page under sql data source?What you would have to do is implement a method that handles the Grid View. In this method you will have to retrieve the data from the row that is updating and use this data to update your database. It's such a silly and simple answer..the two things that make me feel better is that VS2005 did not have this issue, the "run w/o debugger" options isn't listed in the menu at all, and it took six Microsoft programmers to determine this was the issue. There is a hidden option (not found in the menu structure) to run the application without the debugger attached. When the application is run in this mode, our performance issue vanished.

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Now, I am entering some values in text boxes which are dynamically created and want to get these values and display in label when click button, below is the code for button: protected void button_Click(object sender, Event Args e) //------------------------ As I alluded to in my second comment, the only way you're going to get the values of these dynamically added textboxes (without a LOT more unnecessary code and work) is to use Request. Using the code you provided, here's the output of Request.