Poor women dating

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Poor women dating

It seems to me that there would be a lot of women who'd be into this, but how exactly do I find them without crossing over that fine line of girl-who-likes-to-be-spoiled to hooker-who-nags-me-about-when-we're-shopping-again?

Am I just kidding myself that there is even a difference other than one has tact and the other doesn't? I'm looking for a girl to take traveling, to explore restaurants and go to shows but to do all this, she sort of has to have a lot of free time on her hands.

I might have been born at night, but it wasn't last night.

You are not looking for a travel companion for adventures, you are looking for a woman/'girl' to be at your beck and call because you are planning the trips and you are expecting her contribution to be in sex.

I've tried to use the search criteria to narrow down women who'd be into this type of thing, but I haven't been all that successful with that.

A girl with a serious job typically has too much going on to be able to just go out on a weekday Las Vegas jaunt or something of the sort.

I've tried some of the sugar daddy sites, but the women on those sites hardly seem human in the way that they interact.

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