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Reading all the comments above makes me wonder if she had a deeper meaning behind calling us these names, seeing as she was very much a hippy herself.While the ending of this song's 'heavily processed vocals'-- the shaky vibrato of "Criiimmssonn anndd Clllooovaahhh, oover and oover"--is what everyone seems to remember, it's the opening word: "Aahhhhh..." that gets the whole thing going.

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Jessie Medina: Miss, please tell me you have a map, because I keep getting lost in your eyes Joka Tenorio: OMG! Mars Bender: American women of today are feminazis with purple hair, fatties of 2 pounds, gold digging bimbos, cat ladies and single mothers with 4-5 failed marriages collecting alimonies.

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Pls don't allow your "feelings" to cloud your judgement.