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Bill C-36, for the first time in Canada, explicitly outlawed the buying, but not the selling of sex.It also gave police new powers to prosecute those who advertise sex work and those who exploit or otherwise make money off sex workers in all but a few limited cases.“I came into this recently with my eyes wide open.”What seems to exist more than anything among the women interviewed for this story is uncertainty over what exactly the new laws mean and how police plan to enforce them.But police departments contacted across the country indicate little or no change – so far. The department will still only charge sex trade workers “as a last resort,” Mackid wrote.People say they’re retiring from “the hobby,” as they call it, or taking a break.

Clients are becoming more cautious, she believes, and advertising more discreet.Clients become more cautious as they try to gauge the police reaction and the new risks.But the market doesn’t go away in the long run.“I’ve seen it in these various [online] forums,” he says.“There’s one guy I know, he’ll only see a girl he’s seen before, whereas before he’d go on Back Page [the Kijiji of escort ads] and go and see whoever.”But if, in the short term, some sex buyers are shying away under the new regime, Chris Atchison, a research associate at the University of Victoria, doesn’t expect it to last.Atchison, who has spent almost 20 years studying men who buy sex, says what we’re seeing now is basically what happens anytime there’s any change to the laws around sex work.“Really what we see is initially a lot of fear,” he says.

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