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Rachel bilson dating

I've been in my relationship for seven years, so we've grown up together in a way.

Or I’ll write poems or songs — I’m that guy." Why is this guy hearthrobbingly cool?

Hayden can gets depressed and is extremely neurotic and it was bringing her down.

She felt like she wanted something different and easier.

A new report from for Rachel, as she reportedly found some inappropriate text messages on her man's phone — messages that pointed to an affair with the 26-year-old! Video: Wendy Williams Comes To Her Husband's Defense Over Cheating Rumors! (Side note: If she did mean Evan, does this mean that powder keg is about to go off again?

Apparently it was right after this that she sent Anakin packing! Complicating the situation even more is that Emma told Anna Faris on her podcast just last month that she is NOT single, which everyone took to mean she was back together with Evan Peters — because, come on. ) What do YOU think of this report, Perezcious readers??

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She seems to be good friends with Jamie King, judging from her Twitter interactions and this photo of her on King's Instagram account with the comment, "God I love this chic[k]."Bethel might not have mentioned Harrison during an interview with the website Really, but he did show that he truly was a doting boyfriend.