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It seems highly likely that it has been a bar since at least the ownership of Wayne Schwartzkopf, which began in 1988 (Schwartzkopf sold it 2001, and it was purchased and refurbished by Steve Freeborn, Tia Matthies, Jerry Everard).

The Elite has only been in it's current Olive Way location since December 2007 (although there was briefly an Elite II on Olive, concurrently with the Elite).

A note on the current menu claims that the place dates back to an earlier bar from the 30s and was granted the state's second tavern license.

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Other current Seattle bars in spaces once occupied by bars -- with different names -- before prohibition: Volume, Table In Gallery (TIG), Conor Byrne, Trinity Nightclub, Hattie's Hat -- See details below.

In addition, while Von's has only been in its current location since 2013 (and only been named Von's since 1940), it has been a continuously running restaurant, at least, since starting out as Rippes in 1904.

The Duchess first appears in city guides at its current address in 1937, although it then disappears from 1938 through 1944.

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It was the first mechanically ventilated underwater vehicular tunnel, and it was also the first Hudson River crossing in New York City.

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