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Blueberry Hill (6504 Delmar), bragging to be “The Home of Chuck Berry and Rock N’ Roll” is a fun time capsule of a bar and restaurant with frequent not-to-be-missed shows.

It is probably the most “historic” attraction in the Loop, and a great place to pass through when visiting.

The City Museum is a wonderland for grown-ups, teenagers, and kids. It is locally rumored to be the largest urban park in the country.

It is an epic five-story playground (formerly a shoe factory) made out of recycled junk. Regardless of its rank, it lays claim to a jaw-dropping Art Museum, History Museum, Science Center, and Zoo. As a college student (as well as for many others of all kinds/ages), it was a constant place of wonder. Swarming with Washington University students, The Loop holds roughly six blocks of varied (and sometimes touristy) attractions.

Then make sure to eat another spicy shrimp (or veggie) burrito at La Vallesana (The Taco Stand) (2801 Cherokee Street).

Black Bear Bakery (2639 Cherokee Street) is an anarchist house of baked goods and coffee is home to a delicious brunch.

It is surely gay-ish, and you’ll catch plenty of hip people taking their time with fancy beverages and enjoying the excellent outdoor space.

If you need to do some superqueer shopping and get something pierced, you should stop by TRX Custom Tattoo and Piercing (3207 S. The artists are friendly and the art is both good and reasonably priced.

The merchandise will probably not appeal to your mother.

Grand Blvd.) This is not an illegal homage to the NYC hardcore punk-spot. A front patio with heavy-graffiti picnic tables, a kick-ass bartender, shuffleboard, pinball, and a bathroom without stalls, just two face-to-face toilets with an ashtray between — CBGB can be a great way to spend an evening.

On the other side of Tower Grove Park is Sweet Art (2203 S.

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Buildings were abandoned, I was told it was unsafe, and I didn’t know anyone who actually lived there. I sung the angsty-teen refrain of “I have to get out of this town.” But I didn’t do that.

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